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Wow Light and Day, thank you! Your quote says everything I am feeling right now with Y&R and this new regime!

Although unfamiliar with JFP, I heard about her tenure at GH but thought she had learned a lesson but boy was I wrong! Six months after her hiring it is not only apparent she is not Fan friendly (I was told she hates fans and fanbases, which point is painfully obvious) but her regime so far has been short-sighted and almost what one would deem mean. This Sweeps is full of plot point writing, revision of recent history (even though we KNOW chelsea raped billy I guess we are to forget because this newbie is a Favourite of the new regime), newbies, newbies and near newbies (the Cookie Lady and chelsea, along with Tyler and others have the Story). It is a real kick in the face for the over 4 million viewers who have tuned in to Y&R (for this LANE/Lily Fan it has been almost 6 years).

Not being a Newman only fan and even less of a fan of plot to plot writing, I find that nothing interest me anymore, SO.......I am tuning in to Days! Hard to believe that this is the SONY progamme I am now watching because I always assumed Y&R was SONY's daytime diamond as it were. And for the record I am in that alleged sought after 18-34 demo; I guess that's why DOOL appeals to me now--I know they value my viewership.
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