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I can't wait for this week to kick off.

I think Michael Easton is going to have a dual role and it's Caleb that's aiming the gun at Anna, which is going to get John arrested. Anna of all people should understand what it's like to be falsely accused given her recent story with Caesar Faison & Duke Lavery.

I'm looking forward to seeing Heather, Todd, and Lucy teaming up this week.

Frisco returning will be interesting, especially for Maxie, Mac and Felicia.

I knew Maxie would end up in debt with Britch sooner or later. Patrick must really be good, because everytime he has a fling with a woman and ends their "thing", they end up going psycho. First, Lisa Niles and now it's Britch ("Lisa Niles 2.0" It's going to happen.)

Tracy knew that this would get her in trouble with the law, but she chose to destroy ELQ rather than let AJ ad Michael run it. Best decision she has ever made. I hate AJ and Michael, who's acting like him and being naive.

What could Luke be blackmailing Carly with?

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