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Sammie Jo
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Feb 3 2013, 03:46 AM
Sammie. I love EB and I am okay with MTS but he really props up her acting and I wish she would just get on with it and leave each other alone and become friends. That is about the only thing that would work for them but he wouldn't even settle with that. With them together he can tell her when to squat and when not to squat. Maybe if would be good if they had Nikki die and write her off the show then Victor could find someone else he might be happy with. I think he really loved Sabrina and if he would find someone that was interesting like her then he might become a okay guy. Sabrina really turned Victors attitude around.

Not that I want to see MTS gone but really she has overstayed her welcome. They can write just as good of stories for Victor without her as much as they can with her. Maybe Nikki should just say no we are not getting married and leave town. Meet with Victoria and Nick every now and then and make it secret meetings so Victor would not even know she was in town. At least we wouldn't see as much of her as we do now and they can bring her back in full force if that doesn't work. That would be better then having her die because some of the viewers would be furious if that happened.

3Wish thanks for the pictures they were great . Really enjoyed seeing them and it looks like RA (Noah) is a mess and lotz of fun.
now you know if Nikki disappeared, they'd have Victor searching the world for her. lol
Let them get married, hopefully the new ranch house has a big wraparound porch, loaded with rocking chairs and they can sit there and enjoy each other. ;)
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