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Thanks for this thread and all the shared scenes. Wow. DOOL really knew how to do romance once upon a time.

Steve/Kayla's first kiss was hot! That was when they knew how to do real slow build ups. Soooo worth the wait. And so many great moments along the way. LOL at Kayla being stuck in the shed in the rain with Steve. Even mother nature was conspiring to get them closer. Those 2 had such a great romantic, soulful connection. Hot, hot, hot. Just their looks alone were smoldering and full. :wub:

So many great Tony & Anna moments. I remember one scene, I think a hotel room, where he was furious, she was backpedaling, she ended up on his shoulder and sexy hilarity a la Cary Grant screwball comedy ensued. :popcorn:

J&J - loved their rooftop proposal, "I believe in you" kiss, Jack kidnapping Jennifer from her wedding on a fire truck ("I don't want to hold your hose"), her running away in a towel and over a cliff and letting Jack know that she "saw his snake." :lol:

And those Lumi flashbacks - wow. DOOL really had a super couple in the making for the younger generation with that couple. Such history, and snark, and caring. Their chemistry from their first scenes as teenagers were riveting to watch. And their sexual chemistry under Riley was combustible. The two of them in a tent was hilarious and full of sexual tension. ;)

But if I had to choose one couple and one scene to embody DOOL's schmoop - I would have to vote for Bope and their motorcycle kidnapping scene (or their New Orleans wedding.) Those 2 are able to sell schmoop like no other. I loved how complicated their early relationship was - the scene where Hope bought Bo a cashmere sweater, leading to a huge fight, almost making love for the first time, and Doug getting a heart attack. Classic soap at its finest. I liked their sparks when they argued from character differences - the rough working guy hero on a motorcycle and the spoiled princess with the warm/loyal heart of a lioness. And their sexual chemistry is palpable, always. Even though they drove each other crazy, you knew why they were still drawn to one another. :cheer:

Thank you Daytime Royalty. And thank you YouTube. So great to see watch/discover old scenes that made DOOL great. :cheers:

Pssst, Ken, it's the great, slow cooked Super Couples that built your show. And it's the shitty, empty triangles that are destroying it.
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