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Feb 3 2013, 12:09 PM
Feb 2 2013, 09:40 PM
I am TeamWill definitely. But I don't want Sami succeeding or being smug or being validated. So I dunno - that's a tough spot. Can Will 'win' but still leave Sami on the outs somehow?
For me, it would be a very seismic shift in the story if Will suddenly consented to try and take his child from her mother. Will has always loved Sami, even when he was furious with her. Sami did far worse things that Gabi, and I loathe what Gabi did to Melanie, but Will still loves Sami. On top of that, Gabi and Will have always gotten along, and Will knows he has made mistakes in his own past. There would have to be a serious reason - such as Will believing Nick would harm his child - for Will to go along with an attempt at full custody.

I still think Will being willing to give up his daughter so she could have what looked to him initially like a better life than he could provide isn't a character flaw. I also think Will is willing to stand up to Sami, especially if his daughter's well-being was at stake.

So, we'll see what the writers do. But it seems to me that a mediator sitting down with Will and Gabi (who are really the only people who should be making these decisions) should be able to work something out.
I agree - I think Will would be very hesitant to engage Nick/Gabi and begin custody fights, unless there were some very compelling reason validating this decision. Such as a perceived threat in Nick. One would think, with Will's own history and his initial reasons for agreeing to play along with the lie, that this would be a last-resort scenario for him.

For my scenario to come true, I think I see Will allowing his mother and others to convince him to go along with the seeking full custody bit. There would be no drama or story otherwise, methinks. But at some point, Will just realizes this mess is the product of people who are not at the very center of the story -- that is, he and Gabi -- trying to decide what is right. I would love him to call out Sami, whom I think is just grafting her own past situation onto this situation, in some ways seeing Gabi as a version of herself and conflating her insane teenage behavior with Gabi's, and probably also seeing her son as a stand-in for herself, victimized and hurt by the other side. I would love for Will to call Sami on this shit, tell her how sad that all she knows is the language and currency of fights and battles and sides and winning. And then for Will and Gabi to finally come to a mutual agreement together, as it should be, and as it can be since they are both good friends and the truth of the baby's paternity is known from the gate (unless there are some paternity test reversals coming down the pike - please no). I would like to see this.
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