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Here's my choices

Rafe and Kate: The age difference really disgust me, but Kate is a cougar (EJ and Daniel) so I wouldn't be surprised if she add another one on her list, I doubt that'll happen.

Rafe and Nicole: Nicole want some time apart from Eric and Rafe is catching hell with Sami over Will, Gabi, Nick, and EJ, so why not? as long as Sami doesn't get jealous (keep EJ please). The two share a friendship and have great chemistry.

Rafe and Chloe: Both have some major drama in their lives. I don't see why Chloe wants to reunite w/ Daniel after the way he treated her when Parker wasn't his. It's also fresh, but I don't think they're it.

I have others, but I'm not going there...

I'm going to say Rafe and Nicole
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