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Okay, so after overdosing on the premiere episode from Season Five, I have come up with my fearless predictions for how I think the rank will turn out for this season's queens (barring an event such as what happened last year with Willam -- but you know something like that will happen for shock value!).

14. Penny Tration
This has already happened. The 14th contestant, voted aboard the show by internet votes, went home first. No real predict here.

13. Jinks Monsoon
The queen with Narcolepsy. Her boy face and painted face were both enough to put anybody to sleep.

12. Jade Jolie
The giggly queen who wore the NBC Peacock on her shoulders. She is too much of a waif and less of a fierce diva. I don't see how she could even be a contender.

11. Monica Beverly Hillz
This queen reminds me of last season's Dita Ritz, who made Top 5, but Monica is lacking a lot of the charisma Dita had.

10. Serena Cha Cha
In a perfect world, this nasty little viper would have went home in the first show but every season needs a menacing little trouble maker (hi, Shangela, Phi Phi, etc.) and so Ru and Co. are going to keep her around as long as possible just to keep ratings up. Let's hope she doesn't last longer than five shows in.

09. Alyssa Edwards
The queen accused of "borrowing" from the other girls. Of course she also has some beef with Coco and TPTB will milk that for all it's worth at least for six episodes.

08. Alaska
The poor man's Sharon Needles. How on Earth did none of Sharon's drag talent run off on this queen?

07. Coco Montrese
The other half of the Alyssa-Coco bickering. She won't last long once Alyssa is gone as there will be no more drama to milk out of whatever it is that happened in their past.

06. Vivienne Pinay
This season's Jujubee! I think this queen is sickening and her horizontal dance in the water moment should have won her the first mini challenge. THIS GIRL COULD BE THE SEASON'S DARK HORSE!

05. Ivy Winters
Although she has some "tweaker" moments, this queen has the cutest boy face and her debut runway look would have been epic had it not been for that hair. She should be fun through most of the season.

04. Honey Mahogany
This statuesque black beauty reminds me of early-RuPaul in some ways and she excelled at her mini challenge and on the runway.


03. Lineysha Sparx
This season's misunderstood Puerto Rican Queen might just be the best one yet (sorry, Nina Flowers!). Top 3 is certainly a possibility for Sparx.

02. Detox
Like her or not, you have to admit she has that Chad Michaels "I am a professional" thing pat down. She is humorous, gives good drag face and is the one to beat!

01. Roxxxy Andrews
However, it's going to be tough to beat this 29-year-old self-described "Juicy Girl." Andrews, the queen who has shed 70 pounds, is fierce! Her first runway was the type you see girls doing when they are performing on the final show. I already have mad drag love for this queen. As the Scissor Sisters would say, "Let's Have a Kiki"

... and what do YOU think?

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