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Harlee Kin
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I tell ya, I see ZERO spark between EJ and Sami ZERO. I see tired actors resigned to playing out the role of lovers after scenes of rape, near fatal shooting, and vindictive act after vindictive act with one another. It has been suggested that those acts were not the "real" Sami and EJ but writers conspiring to come and stop the inevitable force that is EJAMi.

But the thing is, the WRITERS created the characters, the WRITERS make the characters and I for one find the scenes where Sami apologizes to her rapist that he had to wait for her and she did not cooperate sooner - oh wait she made a deal and that shows cooperation-

It has been one distortion of the truth after another with this couple- he married Nicole NOT Sami - oh yes poor man should not have to remain celibate for his true love- and send a criminal with plastic surgery to look like her husband into her bed - well she should not have banged him she should have known and saved herself for EJ while he is banging Nicole - and tortured her thinking her daughter was dead in the river - He had to Sami was not admitting she loved him what else could a rich and powerful man do?

:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

People interpret things differently, and I see many interpret this as a dawn of a new super couple who is deeply in love. I do not, and will not ever see EJ and Sami as true love. I used to, but that was when I was in abusive relationships. If I cannot be with someone I love, I do not run out and get married in the meantime or have sex to piss them off. I also know you should not begin a relationship apologizing for sins you do not truly own.
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