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"The Storm Within" is a series set within the framework of my existing ALTsoaps parallel soap opera universe that has existed online in 2 forms recently -- a 1965 edition that was once posted on DR-TV and a "from the beginning" edition that is hosting on its own site at http://altsoaps.com and starts at the beginning of the ALTsoaps timeline in 1951. Deciding to focus solely on one series in the universe, I picked my "The Secret Storm" inspired homage "The Storm Within" partly because it is intended to be the more melodramatic piece while also being one I haven't done extensive work on (my other option was my ATWT/AW hybrid "A World of Our Own"). TSW is regarded to have premiered on April 2, 1956 (which also happens to be the day that both ATWT & The Edge of Night premiere) and is also considered to be the 1st 30 minute soap opera in the ALTsoaps universe. Unlike other editions of ALTsoaps, there won't be any behind the scenes gossip or interviews with faux actors even though roles will be "cast" (as can be seen by the show's credits).

For those familiar with ALTsoaps, TSW is written in the same synopsis style. However, instead of a synopsis of a week's worth of events, focusing on a single series allows for each synopsis to focus on a single episode that is actually broken down into individual acts/scenes. Each synopsis is dated according to what date the show would've actually "aired" & numbered with the individual show's episode number. Episode #1 airs on Monday, April 2, 1956. There is no set posting schedule for new episodes. I might post 1 episode 1 day, then miss a day, or I might post 2-3 episodes in a day. I'll post "weekly" (according to the series' timeline) updates in this thread. As of this posting, we're already up to episode #12.


TSW is set in the town of Oakridge and focuses primarily on the middle class Alden family headed by Lou and Sarah Alden. Lou supports the family with his own construction firm (Alden Construction). Lou (in his mid 50s) and Sarah (in her late 40s) are the parents of four children – Maggie Alden (late 20s); Steven Alden (mid 20s); and twins Andy and Amy Alden (age 11). Both Maggie and Steven work with their father at the construction company while Sarah takes care of the work at home.

Also living in Oakridge is Sarah’s widowed older sister Lenora Manning (early 50s). Lenora and Sarah’s parents are the late Richard and Eleanor Hamilton. The Hamiltons were quite well off because Richard was the president of the local bank. Whereas Sarah married struggling construction worker Lou (quite against her parents’ wishes), Lenora married wealthy and prominent attorney Philip Manning who already had a young son (Philip Manning, Jr. – now in his early 30s) and a late wife. Lenora raised Philip, Jr. as her own and together she and Philip, Sr. had Tony Manning (early 20s and away at college) and Juliet Manning (late teens and in her senior year of high school). Philip, Sr. died several years ago leaving Lenora a wealthy widow with a strong financial stake in his law firm (Manning & Frasier) with his surviving law partner, Bruce Frasier.

Bruce (late 50s) is married to Irene Frasier (mid 50s) and they are the parents of Craig Frasier (mid 30s). Thanks to the successful law firm and keen business investments, Bruce is quite wealthy. Both Craig and Philip, Jr. are lawyers who work with Bruce at the law firm. The firm is so successful that Bruce has decided to add a new attorney to the firm — John Peters (mid 30s).

Rounding out the residents of Oakridge are the Aldens’ new neighbours, Betty and Valerie Keys who have just moved to town from Woodford. Betty Keys (mid 40s) lost her husband Henry in an accident some time ago and is starting over in Oakridge with her grown daughter Valerie (mid 20s) using the insurance settlement she’s finally received.

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