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Feb 3 2013, 02:33 PM
Feb 3 2013, 02:28 PM
Sami is the one threatening and bringing in the threat of a custody battle and throwing out the unfit mother allegations. Nick may want to be the baby's father, and he will be the stepfather, but the only reason he took the role was Will didn't want to lose Sonny so he didn't want to admit paternity. Should Nick have consented to being HALF a dad? I mean, until Chad opened his mouth Will was keeping silent. Should Nick had to have called him every time a parental decision was being made? As far as Rafe, he's protecting his pregnant sister. He also didn't threaten Will with taking away custody. What is EJ doing there? Ummm...no good answer for.that one. Hey, Corday himself said Sami sticking her nose in would make things worse. Well" here we go.
That is simply not true. Will's relationship with Sonny was one of MANY factors - factors used by Nick to manipulate a passive and shell-shocked Will - including Will's childhood as being a pawn in a custody battle. If you think that was the primary reason, so be it. But it's patently false that Will selfishly skipped into Sonny's arms because he didn't give shit about his child. That was not what was written or portrayed onscreen.

Will may have been wrong and not stood up for himself, but he was never portrayed as callous or careless or un-caring of his child.

And yes, Nick SHOULD have consented to being half the dad if that was what Will wanted. It's Will's child and Gabi's child. Nick doesn't get a vote because he's fucking Gabi. If Nick had wanted to do the right thing, he would have suggested that they get counseling and Will allow for a legal adoption. But Nick knew what he was doing was wrong, so he pushed for silence. And no, I'm not saying Will was innocent, but he was motivated by what he thought was right given his very difficult background. He wanted to speak up and tell the truth several times and was shut down. Was that right? No. But better late than never.
First of all, Sonny was pretty much a major factor from what I saw onscreen. I never said he selfishly skipped into Sonny's arms, but he did for his reasons want to deny paternity. THAT is where I refer to as Nick shouldn't have to be half a father. If will was unwilling to stand up and be a father, he also couldn't expect to play puppetmaster behind the scenes either. Now that he has acknowledged paternity, fine. Before that, he had no right to expect a say without standing up and taking responsibility. As far as Will standing up for himself, from what I saw it was more a case of Will being torn about what he wanted more.
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