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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepEJ's involved in the story because of his relationships with both Sami and Will. I mean, if this was a custody battle between Dannifer and Chloe, I'd wonder why the hell Ejami were involved. But between Will and Gabi? Of course they're involved.
but why ej seem more impotnet than kate or lucas for that matter

unless ej will turn on will i do not get the pint of him big part of the story
IA other than being Wills lawyerEJ should have no major role in this story Will has parents who more than know all about nasty custody battles
If Nick is going to invoke the shooting of EJ in order to prove Will unfit, which I think does add drama, then EJ is a big part of the story. Also, several cute EJ/Johnny scenes have been used to pull on Will's heartstrings.

I actually think the more people involved in the story, the better, especially given that Will and Gabi have no particular animosity toward one another, the drama must come from somewhere. Rafe, Sami, Kate, EJ, Lucas and Marlena should all be involved, not to mention Sonny and Justin.

I think Nick trying to invoke the shooting is going to blow up in his face. Assuming the statue of limitations for assault with a deadly weapon, obstruction of justice and perjury have not run out the clock - Will is in the least legal trouble given his minor status when he committed the crime and the fact that EJ is walking around healthy and hiring lawyers for Will. Lucas and EJ are probably in more legal jeopardy than Will because they'd be on the hook for adult charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. I think there's great drama in the fact that Nick doesn't know that EJ knew it was Will all along and hasn't merely forgiven Will - he seems to admire Will for shooting him.
I couldn't care less about the cute EJ/Johnny scenes - so they matter little to me as for how they affect Will, personally.

As for the fact that Nick's digging into the Will-shot-EJ cover-up, yes of course that will invariably require EJ to play a semi-large role, which I find annoying, but whatever - yes, that involves good drama. The concern for me is that this becomes more of an EJ/Will story and less of Lucas/Will story down the line. One can argue that it makes more sense or makes better drama for it to be more about Will and EJ knowing what he did and letting him get away with it, etc. I will just always disagree, for no more elegant, sophisticated or intelligent reason than that I could do with MUCH less EJ on my screen, could do with more Lucas on my screen, and am really missing seeing a father/grown-up son-working-together dynamic -- one that we haven't REALLY seen -- between Lucas and Will. Which is why this spoiler really excites me - should it play to this dynamic. And yes - EJ is no stranger to being denied paternal rights, has a bond with Will for better or worse, can give legal advice, was a very key player in Will's attempted murder, I am not even going to touch on the EJami connection now, etc. So of course he has a role in the storyline. But I just feel that the stronger source of drama for ME is between Lucas and Will, for the EJ cover up, for the fact that Lucas didn't know Will - WILL - was his son, for that fact that Lucas and Sami were themselves engaged in a heated custody fight OVER WILL, etc. And so far, even though I could do with more Lumi interaction talking about their son, and their one scene last week will not satisfy me nor fill what I feel is an appropriate "quota" should that be that last we see for awhile, at least it looks like Lucas and Will will be getting a storyline together. Kinda. So that makes me happy. I just hope it doesn't go down from there.
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