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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepEJ's involved in the story because of his relationships with both Sami and Will. I mean, if this was a custody battle between Dannifer and Chloe, I'd wonder why the hell Ejami were involved. But between Will and Gabi? Of course they're involved.
but why ej seem more important than kate or lucas for that matter

unless ej will turn on will i do not get the point of him big part of the story
So far, EJ has had one conversation with Will and put a custody lawyer on retainer. I don't classify that as major involvement.
acutally ej talk to will twice already one time how he going to be there if he need him and later longer but not part i talking spoilers and ej seem busy having lawyers for will he talk over phone he talk about more than once with once with sami and rafe while warning rafe that and he and gabby about keeping away from Sami & Will

they could easy have kate doing all that stuff instead had ej inject because they have to inject the trio from hell some where if sami and rafe in the story of course ej will have to be big part
Yes, I forgot about their very short scene at the coffee house with Johnny.

I don't consider EJ's conversations with Sami and Rafe as part of the baby story - that was the triangle story. And no matter what is happening with the baby story, EJ is going to continue to have conversations with Sami about everything in her life because they're a couple now. That's pretty normal.

Who knows? Maybe EJ will become a major part of the baby story (if the shooting becomes a big issue, that would make sense), but I've yet to see him play a major role yet.
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