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BigFat Irish Head
Feb 3 2013, 04:19 PM
Feb 2 2013, 06:39 PM
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I think Jennifer could pull off grey hair, but imo, the problem is that it looks so dry and limp sometimes. It makes me want to buy her some conditioner and give her a hot oil treatment.
She could maaaaaayybeee pull off gray. But I totally agree that she needs deep conditioning STAT. Her hair totally looks dry - like straw. That is exactly what I feel when I look at it - that it's straw, but like desert-straw. Material of tumbleweeds.

Just get a conditioner, size of dime, leave it in, rinse, you're done.
I think Jennifer needs to 86 the light ash/platinum mix blonde as well. It makes her look tired and washed out. Someone mentioned "anemic" earlier. I agree. A darker blond or a more golden blonde (even if she kept a few of the lighter colored highlights) would add some much needed warmth. Marlena or Nicole's color is closer to what I'm thinking of. That would be a huge improvement. And the deep conditioning treatments, absolutely.
First of all, a personality would help, because then people wouldn't concentrate on her looks most of the time.

Having said that, she desperately needs a haircut. A nice layered bob would do wonders for her. Maybe this is a European thing, but we...non botoxed over 40 year old... know that long hair don't work with our age. Add long hair with BRAIDS and it gets ridiculous. The worst hair style award , though, goes to Maggie...omg, can it get more ridiculous at her age

Best hairstyle award on Days goes to Kayla...I absolutely adore her sassy short haircut. This hairstyle alone makes her seem at least ten years younger! The same goes for Adrienne.
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