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BigFat Irish Head
Feb 3 2013, 05:17 PM
Harlee Kin
Feb 3 2013, 02:13 AM
Feb 2 2013, 05:04 PM
Feb 2 2013, 04:57 PM
With me I was just disagreeing with you when you said Sami wouldn't seek out Lucas and wouldn't eventually seek out Lucas again and come on to Lucas again and wouldn't want to be with Lucas again I feel she will do just and thats what I disagreeed with you about and again I love and respect everyone here at DR even yours for we are all entited to different opinions even if we don't all agree as well.

So I just wanted to say that was the point I was disagreeing with you about when you said Nah Sami would never go after Lucas again or come on to Lucas again and not want to be with Lucas again and wouldn't reunite with Lucas or wouldn't want to be with Lucas again for I think she does want to be with Lucas again and do think she will get together with and will seek him out and want to get involved with Lucas again. I love you and all the member and the mangers here at this side and I just wanted to let you guys know that even though we may not always agree and will always have differing opinions.

Actually, after years of being an EJAMi fan, I think Sami WILL turn to Lucas this time around and it will be over Will and her fight du jour which is custody over Gabi and Will's baby mingling with the fact they are hiding a secret over EJ's shooting. And you know what? I hope she does. I like her better with Lucas than EJ.

EJAMI is a dead end. What will they do now? They are not friends or companions. What can they do? Work together at a make up company? Sami does not work, she does not treat other people with respect so that is out of the question unless she is going to boss EJ around the whole time. Are they going to fight for custody of Gabi and Will's baby? Grandparents and Step-grandparents do NOT fare well in the legal system - sorry Sami - and in addition that would be a hugely boring tedious storyline. :sleep:

So what now? Well, we will probably see Sami arguing with everyone that she should go with EJ. You see I disagree with her speech and other posters, Sami does not go where people tell her to go. She does not choose the man her family wants, she likes conflict and animosity so now we have to see her yell at everyone in town that she is with EJ too bad! :puke:

I think Sami and EJ will have a wedding. I think they will deliver EJAMI to fans that have demanded it for years and I am glad. But no one kept EJAMI apart but EJ and Sami. Let them get together and hopefully more interesting storylines will eclipse them and entertain the rest of us who do not buy for one second that either of them truly loves the other one at this point.
I hope you're right and I appreciate the optimism.

But honestly, I've lost hope for Lumi. The writers haven't seemed genuinely interested in them for many years, and their very brief reunion after Lucas's most recent return just confirmed that for me.

They also don't seem interested in giving Lucas a story or a love interest. Despite several changes in writing regimes over the past few years, his steady popularity with fans, and his many ties to other characters, Lucas's place on the canvas has continued to be marginalized. It's a damn shame. :(

Lucas consistently gets a back seat to Daniel, Rafe, Brady, etc. It sucks . . . I would much rather watch a Lucas story any day of the week.

OMG we share a brain - even when it comes to Jennifer's anemic, ashen hair ;)

My hope is not lost - it never will be. But it's significantly, emm, assuaged let's say....to the point where I am really just begging for any story scraps for Lucas. So I agree 160%. The Lumi "reunion" if you want to call it that provided some nice scenes that I enjoyed because I missed those two together so damn much. But c'mon now. What was that, other than a bone for fans?? It was just ridiculous Ejami angst and a chance to embarrass/denigrate Lumi even more than if the writers had just never gone there at all. Which I wish had happened.

And, totally agree about Jennifer - some warm highlights and golden undertones would do a world of good. Not sure if that would make up for all the character deficiencies Jenn has, but maybe it would make watching her scenes a weee bit more tolerable =)
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