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Feb 4 2013, 04:48 AM
I think that it's rather obvious where Days is going with this story. Remember that EJ offered to help Will with his custody issues. I think that Nick will try to blackmail Will and when he does Will goes to EJ and asks him for help stopping Nick. It is exactly what EJ will do. He's with Sami now and he'll want to help Will to look good to Sami. He'll dig into Nick, find something to use for blackmail, and get the tape, typical DiMera stuff.

Besides, if EJ refuses to press charges against Will for the shooting, then there would be no case, and the DiMera's will just pay off or threaten the judge like they always do when they want a court case to go their way, in this case the custody of the Wabi baby. I think that even Sami will ask EJ to help Will. I also think that EJ kind of considers Will as his own, because he's been there for Will about as much as Lucas has.

Nick will try to blackmail Will, but I see Nick ending up being the one blackmailed. No matter what mistakes Will made, he belongs with his child. Remember Sami lied about Will being Austin's for 2, (count 'em) 2 years. I don't think Will would ever have been able to do that to his own child. Sooner or later he would have had second thoughts and come clean. Besides, Nick and Gabi pushed Will into whatever he did, when he was still unsure about his gay life.

Also, this may be the writers way of giving Sonny and Will a family. If I'm not mistaken this will be the first gay family on soaps, where the child is biological. Have any other gay soap couples had kids? I see the whole thing culminating in Sonny being somehow at the birth. Gabi probably give birth somewhere crazy, (as most Salemites do), where she, Nick, Will, and Sonny all happen to be trapped, and the boys will have to deliver the baby. Will and Sonny will bond over the baby and get back together.

Also, is anyone noticing how fast Gabi's pregnancy is going? At the rate the pregnancy is going, she'll have her baby in a week or 2. LOL!
there also there will be no story
while ej look like saint :rolleyes:
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