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February 4th WilSon Recap

Will is seated at the pub when Caroline sits down to speak with him. She hasn't seen him since the wedding if she can call it that. Will admits he screwed up big time. Caroline agrees. She's wanted to do something since then. She tells him to stand up, she hugs him. "I love you. The whole family love you. Nothing will ever change that."

Nick is reading an article online regarding Lucas being convicted in EJ's shooting. He flashes back to overhearing Lucas yelling at Will that he went to prison for him. He looks at Gabi as she sleeps and says aloud that he has to prove that somehow.

Will sits on the stool as Caroline steps behind the bar. She hands him some soda. He's sure she has a lot of questions. She's aware he's tried to straighten things out and she's proud of him. He's going to spend time with his child from now on and that's all that matters. He retrieves the sonogram from his pocket and tells her to check out his little girl. Caroline sighs as she looks at it. She remarks on the miracle of life and how amazing it is. Will conveys that feeling her kick yesterday turned his life upside down as children tend to do she adds. . "It's all going to be worth it though when I get to hold her for the first time."

Nick recalls watching as Will and Gabi looked at the sonogram together while his hand was on her stomach. He closes his laptop. He says he's gotta find a way to get Will out of their lives, his life, Gabi's life, the baby's life.

Johnny exuberantly calls Will's name out. Will says what's up as he lifts him up to the stool. He asks what the picture is. Will explains that it's a baby. It's his baby. Nick shows up, watches as Will says he's going to be a Dad..... Nick asks if Will told Sonny the good news that it's a girl. Will says yes. Nick asks how everything is with him, did he say anything about wanting to be part of the baby's life? Will asks if he had would he have a problem with it? Nick says no, he's just curious. [LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE, better yet a bad case of crotch crickets for pretending to give a damn about Will]. Will says he and Sonny haven't had a lot of time to work things out. Nick feigns concern and says he's so sorry. Will wants to focus on helping Gabi with her pregnancy. Marlena arrives remarking she saw a handsome young man through the window. Will is all smiles and they hug. She exchanges hellos with Nick. He goes to get Johnny while Marlena inquires how Nick is doing. They spoke awhile during his parole hearings and the sessions with Gabi. He's going through a difficult transition. Nick tells her he's fine, he's marrying the girl of his dreams and starting a family so he wouldn't trade places with anyone in the world. He excuses himself and leaves. Marlena smiles but it's clear she isn't buying that all is right as rain.

Marlena and Will sit down at a table, she hopes she didn't interupt him and Nick. He must have a lot to work out with them. Will tells her he's made progress with them. "Nick's agreeable that you want to be part of your daughter's life?" Yeah, he is. It was difficult at first but he knows and accepts that I'm the father of this little girl and I'm always going to be in her life. I'm always going to be there for her.

Nick continues conspiring in his room upstairs. He's relieved Sonny is out of the picture. One gayboy down, one to go. [This piece of sh!t needs to die now].

Marlena returns with coffee in hand, sits back down. She asks if he's made it clear to Nick and Gabi how he'd like it to work. Will just wants to be in his daughter's life, he has no interest in interfering in their relationship. Marlena understands but he questions her. She hopes things don't get "complicated." She's aware they've agreed but she fears they might reneg down the road. Will doesn't think so. He trusts Gabi [big mistake honey, love you but you're too trusting] and they all want what's best for this little girl.

Nick does an internet search for surveillance devices.


Source: JavaGurl

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