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Feb 4 2013, 02:28 PM
My favourite parts of today's show were John and Stefano - but seriously - did they really think we'd all forget what the DiMera mansion looks like - we're supposed to believe that Stefano's in Italy??? Next fav part was Marlena finally sticking it to Kristen today - it's about time she got the parting shot in!

I'm shocked as hell that John was acting in character...and defending Marlena! Passionately defending her, too! More of *this* John, please! And less of the John who has been playing friendly footsie with Kristen and blaming Marlena for all their marital problems.

Interesting that John broke into Stefano's, but got pissed when Marlena broke into Kristen's. Kinda hypocritical there, John. Dontcha think? But as long as you keep treating Marlena well, and start acting in character, I'll forgive you.
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