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Feb 4 2013, 04:39 PM
^Here you go.

I didn't find it clipped, so you have to go to about 3:30. There's some Carly/Lawrence action before that; maybe it's schmoopy too.

Yes, "Wonderful, Wonderful" is certainly schmoop, but it always makes me uncomfortable because Jack looks like being in a musical is perhaps the last place on earth he'd like to be, and his singing is rather painful (yet you know Matt Ashford is right at home singing in musicals). Of course, the Jack discomfort factor is part of what makes the scene good.

Re: Jack and Jennifer "I believe in you" kiss. Yeah, schmoop is perhaps too trite a word for it, but I do think it's in the running for most romantic scene in daytime TV. And I think they do both make declarations. One of them just tries to take it back. :)

Of the Jack and Jennifer proposals, my favorite is the Jade Plant. I love Matt Ashford getting his Jimmy Stewart on.

Rooftop proposal is also good, and I also love Jack's letter to Jennifer after their wedding.

Matt, thank you for those promo clips. Yes, that stuff is Days. But, dang, Anna's wedding dress. Was that a good look in any decade?
Thanks for the "wonderful" clip AHM :D I think the good stuff starts at the 2:15 mark in that clip. I don't really think this classifies as schmoop as I earlier stated but it's as close as I could get for any J&J scene.
Oh and I found the 2nd part of those scenes...which are just as good http://youtu.be/bq0aHpwhCCg

They really didn't do any schmoopy scenes LOL!
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