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just joey

Feb 1 2013, 06:37 AM
Episode Titles and Previews

(Wanting Time with Eric)
2/11, Pam and Donna become envious of Taylor spending time with Eric; Carter shares his opinion with Dayzee.

2/12, Marcus comes up with a plan to help Dayzee; the relationships of two couples head in different directions.

(The Vow)
2/13, Taylor makes a promise to Steffy about history not repeating itself; Dayzee worries about giving Maya some bad news.

(Surprise Visit)
2/14, Eric hopes for an intimate night with Taylor; Bill and Katie's romantic plans hit a snag.

(Brooke's Plan)
2/15, Brooke decides to work her magic to reunite Hope and Liam; Steffy is shocked when Liam shows up at her office.

:soapbox: :soapbox: Why would liam show up at Steffy's office.? He can't be that heartless to tell her at work that he decided to stay with Hoepe, can he? ^o) :shrug: Can someone please send Brooke & her wackadoodle spawn of a daughter to BM FKD EGYPT, PLLLLLEASE> Boy are those 2 so desperate that they have to " PUSH LIAM " to the ALTER"? :moon: It would be sweeeeeeeeeeet if he found out about the baby though. BEFORE he makes his decision. At least than he will be going back with HOEPE, knowing that he chose her, instead of "Steffy" & his child. AT least " STEFFY" does not have to resort to trickery to get Liam to pick her. If he picks :puke: Hoepe, than he will be totally miserable for the rest of his life. And he will have no one to blame except himself. For " NOT"< standing up to the "LOWGANS" Why should they have used protction during sex, when they both planned a future together? STEFFY did not "Trap him", by getting Pregnant. If that was the case, than she would have "Marched" right into their bedroom, after she found out that she was pregnant, & blurted it right out in front of HOEpe.
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