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camera shy

Feb 4 2013, 08:53 PM
Feb 4 2013, 04:18 PM
if it were Rafe and Hope would their couple name be Rape? Or would it he Hofe? not feeling either lol, I guess we could use HoRa
Hora? Oh great! Now if they do hook up I'm going to want to run around singing the Hava Neglia around the house. The ONS being Rafe and Kate would be interesting, and EJ asking Rafe about it... how would they pull that off believably? Should EJ BE MORALLY outraged? Unless hypocrisy has become an STD, I can't picture it. I mean, not only did EJ sleep with Sami while married to Rafe, he ALSO has slept with Kate. What is he going to do, compare notes with Rafe? Should the two boys make a Venn Diagram comparing Sami and Kate's bedroom prowess?
Gee, I wonder why EJ is involved in the Kate//Rafe thing? It's none of his business what Kate or Rafe do especially since Kate is divorce from Stefano now and he wants Rafe to stay out of his and Sami's business. Could it because all roads lead back to Sami?
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