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Ooo Patrick! :wub: I'd trade Rafe in a second for him... he was dreamy! :hypnotize:
Patrick was a decent guy who got had a psychotic mom in Bonnie & got mixed up with EJ, with no way out. Him being released from prison & Hope giving him a second chance wouldn't be completely out of reason, especially since he never wanted to kidnap Hope, and he even more so never wanted to hurt fetus Ciara.
Hope getting together with Patrick while Bo is thought to be dead and then having Bo return at some point down the line would be priceless. the one minus side to Patrick returning would be that TomSell would inevitably reverse Ciara's paternity and make her Patrick's. The last thing this show needs is yet another paternity change. I've lost count of how many we've had since mid-2009 - Melanie, Parker (both when Chloe was pregnant & just now), Daniel, Nicole's boy (sort of), Wabi baby (sort of) --> did i get them all, or did I miss some?
EJ and Chad.
i forgot about EJ's "he's not Stefano's. on second thought, he is Stefano's". and i didn't realize that Chad's DiMera-ness happened so recently. it feels like the current teen set has been on the show for too long.
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