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Feb 4 2013, 10:55 PM
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i'm more than willing to ship HoRa, or whatever (just NO to Rape!), BUT they HAVE to kill off Bo. I just cannot accept them in any other form. And Hope has to have a LONG time to mourn before they hit the sheets. JMHO, but it should be more than obvious to them that they rushed the Dannifer reunion. They haven't even hit the sheets yet again, I don't think, but they dove right into a relationship before Jack's body was even cold.
it would be highly OOC for Hope to jump into bed with anyone that isn't Bo, and she definitely wouldn't do it so soon after his death. Bo jumped into bed with Emmy soon after Hope's death, but Bo's never been able to keep his pants on.

then again, i'm sure Tomlin's just been itching for a chance to fuck with Hope, and what better way than to either have Bope break up off-screen or have Hope find out Bo's dead and then have Hope sleep with Rafe as soon after as possible and realize that she's not just fond of him, but sees him in a sexual way.

there's no way Hope & Rafe getting together would ever make logical sense.
I'm a big Bope fan too, but seriously, out of all the men currently onscreen, Rafe makes the most sense for Hope. I do agree with you on the rest, but I see no reason with Peter no longer part of the cast that Kristian should be pegged into a hole where Hope has to be the next Maggie with Mickey offscreen. I say kill off Bo (in a way that allows him to come back, ala no body found), and let Hope have a real storyline again.
i agree that this whole Mickey-fied Bo nonsense needs to come to an end, but if my choices are between Hope being single or being with Rafe, i choose Hope being single. A lot could've been done with Abe coping with life after Lexie's death, but we only saw a few scenes & that was that. Hope being single would provide an opportunity to redo that sort of story.
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