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Feb 5 2013, 02:42 AM
Feb 4 2013, 05:05 AM
Sh*t a brick! Damn, B&B is not far behind Y&R. Y&R is losing ratings and fast. Maybe it is because they keep pimping out the most BORING characters 24/7.
No maybe to it because that's precisely why there numbers are pissing away into the wind. I'm all for having patience cleaning up MAB & her henchman shit but with that I wanted too see some due process happening characters moving outside of the direction we have watch them in for the last 5yrs not just Buzz Catch Newbie Names, (Moving the Whole Winters Camp in one fucking bldg :blink: passing out different Executive & CEO titles twice a wk :ermmmm: ) JFP ain't the only one to blame Josh Griffith and what's the other writer name who tweets all the time? Thinking their written material is golden NOT! Another thing I notice soon as they get a small uptick in ratings they ready to pat themselves on the back as if some Stark number has been reached to'be glorified like CBS did a few weeks back but apparently not taking heed to the larger picture of how flattened the Y&R numbers have become since Sony hired them.
Brent Boyd is the writer. The one that joked the Y&R Bible was older than the Bible.

Like dude fall back. Have a stadium full of seats. I know one thing whatever is in that Y&R Bible is a helluva a lot more entertaining than any of this so called "fresh" crap they have penned.
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