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Yeah, the lighting could have been better. I appreciated the concept and looking through the drapes thing is something different, but geez, this was no professional at the helm. EJami was pretty much perfect for me. I loved their scenes. After seeing EJ be the aggressor for so many years it's a nice change of pace to see Sami saying the 'I love you' first afterwards, and seeing her be the one to say 'I want this' and her being the one being physically aggressive with EJ. EJ was eating it up with a spoon. So was I. Good stuff!

I loved how Caroline gave Will a big hug and told him she loved him after confirming that he did screw up. Reminds me of how she's been with Sami all these years.

I can't believe how much Dannifer just sucks. I'm rooting for Chloe all the way.

Loved seeing Papa D. in an actual scene that doesn't involve a phone or webcam. :wub:
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