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I can't wait for Allie to grow up and be a terrible teen like Sami was. I wish we'd at least see Allie interact with Will like Johnny gets to. Why not trot Lucas out for his monthly cameo with Allie at least? They could always send her in the kitchen at the Pub like all the other kids. I'm surprised the kids are so healthy because all they seem to do is eat cookies or sweets at the Pub.

It was nice seeing Caroline! I feel like we haven't seen her in a while. It probably was last at the wedding. Peggy looked good. I thought the scenes with Johnny and Will were sweet. I sometimes forget they're related, to be quite honest. And everytime I'm like aww that's right they are. I have no idea why I forget because I "know". Guess because Will so rarely interacts with them, then all of a sudden, like today, has a random scene with them.

I don't think Nick's homophobia is in "overdrive" I think it's all fairly tame right now. Offensive as hell (the "gay boy" comments) but whether we like it or not or want to see it, it's how a lot of people are and I'm interested in seeing this play out. Watching Nick (and Blake) this go around has been surprisingly fascinating to me, even though in general I should be loathing Nick. I just don't and it's probably for Blake's portrayal mostly.

I agree that Chloe's schemes are very very lame. I mean, she's found out in the SAME EPISODE. It's kinda getting old already. I like that people have some brains again but man. Parker shows zero interest in Daniel.

I hated the music for EJ and Sami. Maybe it was my mood but I found the scenes so unsexy and not hot but I'm glad fans of this couple got that moment and got those scenes because I felt they put a lot of effort into them. It's kind of rare to see that kind of lovemaking and then the follow through. It used to be the norm. I just don't like the writing for EJ or Sami in order to put them together. It just doesn't work for me. Old Sami and Old EJ I could get behind. These boring versions? No thank you.

Oh Brady. I wish I could feel sorry for you but I just don't because of how big of an ass you are being to your family. I can't wait to see this play out. Kristen is made of win. I love it. However, I'm kinda over Kristen taunting Marlena like a child. It is getting old. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE their confrontations, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it seems unecessary and makes Kristen look a little pathetic and she shouldn't look like that. I do love what Marlena and Kristen bring out in each other. I always have. The secret room hooked me on DAYS.

John and Stefano scenes were great. I love them interacting and Drake actually showed up for work! I actually recognized John! David Levinson (that's the script writer's name, right?) must be a Marlena/John fan because I found the writing in their favor this episode, hands down. However, Levinson's scripts are definitely 'meh', I agree.
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