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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: David A. Levinson

Segment 1: Stefano is reading an Italian newspaper listening to an opera in an exact replica of the DiMera mansion living room when John lets himself in via the terrace doors. Stefano seems inordinately happy to see him - Giovanni. So tell me how did I earn this nice surprise. John - I thought it was about time you and I hada a little talk about your daughter.

Brady and Kristen are strolling arm in arm past the shops in the square. Brady feels stupid for jumping to conclusions. He should have known Marlena was up to something and he knows Nicole's capabilities. Sorry. Kristen kisses him. You've totally and completely been forgiven. Brady realises he forgot his phone. Kristen offers him the use of her phone. Brady needs a number; it's morning in London, Titan business. He'll see her at the coffeehouse later. He gives her a kiss. She stops him wanting another kiss because she knows that Marlena can see them. After Brady leaves Kristen starts making fun of Marlena - Aww, reduced to spying, living vicariously, does it help distract from the loneliness of missing your husband?

Caroline walks up to Will who's on his laptop at a table in the pub. She hasn't seen him since Gabi's wedding. Will - I screwed up big time, didn't I? Caroline - Yes you did. She's wanted to do something since then. She stands up so he does too - she gives him a big hug and tells him she loves him. Your whole family loves you. Nothing will ever change that.

Nick is on the laptop still reading articles about Lucas going to prison. Cue flashback of him overhearing Lucas saying to Will that he went to prison for him. He mutters - I have to prove that somehow. I have to prove that Will is the one that shot EJ DiMera.

Sami makes sure EJ knows she wants sex and she wants it now. They head into the dark bedroom. Not much visual but the sound effects are still there.

Jen asks Chloe what's wrong. Chloe snaps - she needs Daniel. Jen hands the phone over to Dan. Dan asks Chloe what's going on. Chloe just holds her cell to the monitor so Dan hears Parker crying. She then claims she doesn't know what's wrong. You left, he started crying and never stopped. He's never done this before. Dan asks if he has a fever or if he could be having an allergic reaction. She pretends to be comforting Parker. I don't know what's wrong with him. He keeps looking towards the foyer; maybe he knows you're not here. I don't know what to do. Dan knows she's a great mother; you'll find a way to handle it.

Segment 2: Stefano - What's new? How's the family? John - So nice of you to ask. Well, the family, what's the expression I'm reaching for here ... oh yes, never a dull moment. Stefano - Come on, fill me in. John - I have a feeling you've already been filled in. That's why I'm here; to put you on notice. Stefano chuckles - There's that horrible sound coming into your voice again. John - That's because your sick, twisted snake of a daughter has slithered her way back into our lives ... that's not going to last long. Soon she'll be a bad memory. But I got to thinking about the situation and I had to come here and give you warning Papa, if your daughter's machinations lead you to believe that's somehow opening a door for you to renew your sick obsession with Marlena then your head's even farther up your ... Oh I'm so sorry. What I meant to say was, you're sadly mistaken.

Kristen runs after Marlena. Don't go. Let's have a little chat. Talk about our feelings. How does it feel to have your heart ripped out. How does it feel when you lose the one person that means everything to you. Not good, right? Marlena - I will not engage with you on this level. Kristen - That hurts my feelings. Marlena - Do you want to know what I think of you professionally speaking? Kristen - Ah, sure. Marlena - Good. I think you're a borderline personality with sociopathic tendencies. Oh I'm so sorry, in layman's terms, you're a complete bitch. She starts walking away. Kristen laughs and runs after her ... You want to throw names around - try daughter-in-law. It could happen sooner than you think. Marlena - More talk of the future? I know exactly how this ends.

EJ and Sami have sex to a horrendous sound track.

Will is sure his Grandma has a lot of questions about what happened. She knows what he said about trying to straighten things out; she's really proud of him for that. You're going to spend time with your child, that's really all that matters. Will shows her the sonogram pic - check out my little girl. Caroline gushes - Amazing, the miracle of life. Will - I got to feel her kick yesterday. She kind of turned my life upside down. I know it's all going to be worth it the moment I get to hold her for the first time.

Upstairs Nick is still on the computer - he recalls Will and Gabi's closeness during the sonogram. I just have to find a way to get Will out of our lives, my life, Gabi's life, the baby's life.

Chloe keeps saying she doesn't know what to do. Jen tells Dan to tell her they'll come back. Chloe thanks him. After he hangs up Dan apologises. Jen tells him not to. This seems so strange to him. Parker was ambilvalent, why would he be so worked up because I'm not there. Jen says he'll find out when he gets there. Dan - You're coming with me? Yes, but she's not staying with him; she'll just be in the way. You need to make sure your son is okay. Just call me after.

Chloe is talking to Parker who is content and playing. Mommy so's excited because Daddy's coming home. Brady is standing in the doorway.

Segment 3: Brady asks if everything is okay. You don't seem too happy to see me. She tells him everything is okay now. Parker was crying hysterically and she couldn't get him to calm down but he just stopped. What are you doing here? I thought you were going out for the night. He is, he just forgot something. He grabs something from a drawer and leaves.

Sami tells EJ that she loves him and trusts him.

Stefano assures John that he has moved on from Marlena. Been there, done that as they say. It's just the same as Kristen, she's done with you. She has changed your over for a new model. John - Keep your passport handy. Your daughter's going to need you to run back to Salem and pick up all the pieces when this all falls apart around her. Stefano - We'll just have to see about that; who breaks who. John - Ciao. He leaves.

Kristen - I'm going to sit down. Why don't you tell me how this is all going to end. Marlena - Kristen, this is your game. You're an expert at deception and manipulation. You're unstoppable, certainly by me. Kristen - You're so sweet. Marlena - I'm just being realistic. My best strategy here is to sit back and be patient because you, eventually, will self-destruct in your own time. All your lies will come caving in and Brady will see you for who you are and he'll leave you just as John left you. Marlena walks away.

Johnny comes running up to Will. He points to the sonogram pic - What's that? Will - This is a picture of a sonogram. This is a baby. It's my baby actually. I'm going to be a dad. Nick hears this.

Segment 4: Sami and EJ have had round 2. Sami says it all when she tells EJ she doesn't care about what other people think about them being together. Our kids (they are specifically talking about ONLY Johnny and Sydney) will be happy and they are the only ones who's opinion matters. EJ thinks he should get going. Sami wants more sex.

Nick comes up to Will and asks him if he told Sonny the good news, that it's a girl. Will did. Nick - How's everything going with him? Did he say anything about wanting to be a part of the baby's life. Will - If he had would you have a problem with it? Nick - No, just curious. Will - Sonny and I haven't had a lot of time to work things out. Nick is so sorry. He didn't know. Will was kind of planning on focusing on helping Gabi through her pregnancy. Marlena comes in and gives Will a hug. She greets Nick. Will tells Marlena that Johnny is in the kitchen. He knows Johnny would love to see her so he's going to go and get him. Marlena asks Nick if he has a minute. Sure, what's up? Marlena - I just wondered how you're doing. We talked for a while during your parole hearing and the Pre-Cana sessions but this is a very tough transition you're going through. Nick assures her he's fine. I'm marrying the girl of my dreams and starting a family. I wouldn't trade places with anyone in the world. Excuse me, I've got to go.

Kristen says hi to Jen who's in the coffeehouse. She asks if she can join her. You look so pretty, big night? Jen - Not really, no. Kristen - You want to talk about it? I still feel like your good friend. I hate to see you look so sad. You're the one person I know who deserves to be happy. Jen thanks her. That's a kind thing to say. Kristen - If there's something or someone standing in the way of that happiness, maybe I can help.

Dan comes in and finds Parker playing. Chloe maintains he stopped crying 15 mins ago. Dan asks why she didn't call him. Chloe didn't know if he was going to start again. Dan pulls her aside. Dan acknowledges that he's new to being a dad to a toddler and he obviously doesn't know Parker as well as she does but I have been around more than my fair share of small, sick children as a doctor. I don't know at ease I am around Parker but one thing I do know is that Parker does not look like a little boy who's been crying all night.

Segment 5: Sami and EJ eat and drink in bed.

Marlena hopes she didn't interrupt when he was talking with Nick earlier. Will - Not at all. Marlena - I know you must have a lot to work out what with Gabi and the baby. Will - We do but we've been making good progress. Marlena - Nick's been agreeable with you wanting to be a part of your daughter's life? Will - Yes he is. It was difficult at first but he knows and accepts that I'm the father of this little girl and I'm always going to be in her life and I'm always going to be there for her.

Nick is back on his computer. At least Sonny's out of the picture for now. One gay boy down, one to go. He sees the artice about Will being arrested for killing Stefano.

Jen appreciates Kristen's concern ... Kristen - You're so completely telling me to back off, I get it. Jen - No, I'm not. I'm confident that this whole situation is going to work out for the best. Brady comes in - Look at this, you two sitting here and catching up, just like old times. Kristen gets a call. She'll be right back. She goes outside to take the call. Hello father. Stefano - I'd thought you'd like to know that I had a visitor, John Black. Kristen - Are you kidding me? He must have been so rattled by me that he had to go running to you. Stefano - As if this is going to deter you. Kristen - He knows better than that. Stefano - Why do you think he's wasting his time? Kristen - I don't know. Just wait until he sees my next move. Stefano - Oh boy. I certainly don't want to know. Kristen - I'm going to convince Brady to ask me to marry him. Stefano - What did you just say! Kristen - I said I'm going to convince Brady to ask me to marry him and then I'm going to leave him at the altar just like John did to me. Stefano - Thank God. You scared me to death there for a moment because I thought you were really going to marry that idiot. Kristen - No, I think this will have a much bigger impact and to paraphrase Marlena, karma is a bitch! Brady tells Jen he mentioned this to Daniel earlier but he thought it would be fun if the 4 of them got together and went out on a double date. What are you doing for dinner tomorrow night? Jen doesn't know, she'll have to check Daniel's schedule. She'll let him know. Brady - Is that what happened tonight? Did he have to work? Don't think I didn't notice how nice you look; you two had plans, didn't you? Jen - Yeah we did but something came up, not work. Brady - You seem a little on edge about it. Jen - No, I'm just questioning the timing of this particular interruption but it's okay, I'll have answers really soon.

Chloe - Do you think I'm lying, that Parker wasn't crying? She reminds him that he heard Parker on the phone. He was practically screaming. Dan questions her trying to determine why he was crying. Parker says Daddy. Dan is all smiles. He goes to Parker. Chloe is thrilled.

Segment 6: Sami talks to Johnny than she and EJ point to Sydney and Johnny as examples of how amazing they are.

Jen gets a call from Dan. He tells her that Parker called him Daddy. I think he really was missing me. Jen says he should spend some time with him. She's so happy for him. Him calling you daddy is huge, just enjoy that. She tells him to have a good night. Brady returns and asks if that was Daniel. She tells him that Parker had a rough time, crying uncontrollably - that's why their night was cut short, but he's fine now. Brady - When was this crying fit? Jen - About an hour ago. Brady - I was at the mansion around that time, he seemed fine. He was playing. Chloe said he had been crying earlier but he really seemed okay. Anyway I've got to go. This is the club I thought the four of us could go to in Chicago. Let me know. He leaves. Jen - Are you kidding me? She faked and used her 2 year old son to break up our date!

Dan asks Chloe for some alone time with Parker. She tells him to stay as long as you want.

Stefano - How are you going to convince young Mr. Black to propose to you. Kristen tells him Brady is coming, she has to go. She'll talk to him later. Brady comes out and asks Kristen if she's ready. She is. Brady admits he lied to her. He did not lose his phone. He went back to the mansion to get this - he hands her a package. Happy 3 month anniversary. Kristen - You are so sweet and handsome. I love you to death. They kiss.

Marlena - So you've talked to Nick and Gabi and you've made it clear on how you want this all to work. Will - Yeah. I just want to be in my daughter's life. I have no interest in interfering in their relationship. Marlena - Of course. Will - What? Marlena - I hope things don't get complicated. I know they've agreed to let you be a part of your daughter's life, I hope they don't renege somewhere down the road. Will - I don't think that's going to happen. I really trust Gabi and because like me, they just want what's best for this little girl.

Upstairs, Nick is back on Ewe Search doing a lookup on surveillance equipment.

Segment 7: EJ finishes his call with Johnny.

Kristen and Brady are naked in her bed. She asks if he has any idea how happy he makes her. I don't ever want to stop feeling like this. Brady - Me either. Kristen - Kind of makes you wonder, maybe we should take it to the next level. Brady -

Marriage? Kristen - I know it's crazy ... Brady laughs. You're beautiful and you're smart and you're funny as hell. Kristen - Funny? Brady - Yeah, you're a jokester too. You're perfect as far as I'm concerned.

Parker yawns. Dan hugs and kisses him.

Jen is at home and opens the door to Chloe. Chloe came over to apologise. I'm sorry I ruined your night with Daniel but you're a mom, you know how these things go. Jen - So do you. Chloe - I'm sorry. Jen - I'm surprised with you being a mom that you felt so completely overwhelmed that you had to call Daniel. I'm sure Parker has thrown temper tantrums, you know, those terrible twos. Chloe - It was different this time. He was missing his father. Jen - Isn't it nice when we know what our child needs, or anyone for that matter, because then you know what they're really about, you understand their motives and you can deal with them. Chloe is going to go. Jen - No hard feelings because Daniel and I will get our time together sooner than later. She closes the door. Chloe mutters - The hell you will. Jen looks at the brochure Brady gave her. Maybe tomorrow night and you won't wreck things for me this time. I won't let you Chloe.
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