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How long is Nick going to stare at that same exact article? It's only two paragraphs long. I could have had the entire thing memorized in a matter of minutes. He needs to get a life already -- one that doesn't involve a child whom he has absolutely no right to claim.

I still don't believe that Nick cares at all about Gabi or the baby. Nick has barely said a single word about the baby since the wedding, unlike Will, who is so proud that he can't help himself -- he has to show off the sonogram image to everyone whom he talks to. I see no reason to believe that Gabi and the baby are anything more than possessions to Nick -- possessions that he simply doesn't want Will to have.

Nick's scenes today should silence the claims that I've been seeing here and there that Nick only decides to blackmail Will after overhearing Rafe and Gabi talking about Sami's plan to encourage Will to fight for sole custody. The wording of the Soap Opera Digest preview for this week seemed to exacerbate that misconception, but as I've said all along, Nick's actions obviously have nothing to do with Sami's behavior, and this episode proves that fact, since Nick is already looking for surveillance equipment and the discussion about sole custody hasn't even taken place yet. Hell, in this episode, Will even specifically stated that he was planning to focus on helping Gabi with the pregnancy, and that didn't matter at all to Nick. He simply wants, and has always wanted, Will out of the baby's life, and any claims that he's only responding to Sami and/or Will's perceived threats, or that he's simply doing what he feels like he has to do in order to protect Gabi because he believes that Sami and Will are going to fight for sole custody, are completely false. It's clearly the other way around -- Nick is the person who wants to fight for sole custody, not Will.

For all of the talk about how smart Nick is, he really wasn't very smart when he was talking to Marlena in this episode. It's generally not a good idea to tell a grandmother that you're looking forward to "starting a family" with her grandson's daughter, especially when that grandmother is also a psychiatrist. Marlena saw right through Nick.
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