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That "Daddy is coming home" line that Chloe said to Parker would have been a perfect opportunity for Parker to respond with, "Philip?" But I realize that it would have been weird if Parker had used Philip's real name when referring to him. Perhaps he could have pointed to a nearby picture of Philip instead -- surely Victor and Maggie have one on display in the living room.

In fact, when Parker actually uttered the word "Daddy" later in the episode, it would have been awesome if the director had made it clear to the audience that Parker was talking about Philip, even if Chloe and Daniel were oblivious to that fact. For example, we could have seen Parker looking at a picture of Philip that had been placed on the mantelpiece or something.

Obviously, that doesn't fit into the current storyline agenda, so it will never happen, but it would be much better than trying to claim that Parker has already started to think of Daniel as his father.
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