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Feb 5 2013, 10:12 AM
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Feb 4 2013, 11:08 PM
Feb 4 2013, 07:45 PM
i'm bothered by the fact that Sami said, "our kids opinions are all that matter." So, Allie's opinion doesn't matter? I realize Will no longer lives at home, so I can sort of understand why his opinion doesn't matter, but ALLIE'S???
That entire dialogue is straight word for word practically the same as when Lucas and Sami made love for the first time after conceiving Will. They woke up in bed and Sami said how his mother was going to freak, and he told her he didn't care, they'd have to keep it under wraps but the only one that matters to them was Will and how he felt and Lucas then said he would be so happy if he ever found out they did the deed.....

It made sense for Sami and Lucas to say that back then, as Sami only had one child and that child's father was Lucas...but now she has 4, with 2 different fathers...so Allie and Will's opinion SHOULD matter to Sami, but obviously Will is too old to care, and Allie isn't important.
I think they are going to have to deal with the issue of Allie as the forgotten child sooner or later. She is never there, excluded from mention, shipped off to China. And I keep flashing back to the scene where EJ donated the toys. He asked Sami if she thought Allie would feel left out. She was like, "Oh yeah. Allie." Like she has to be reminded by EJ that she has 2 daughters. Also one of my favorite moments was family game night with EJ, Sami, Will, Johnny, and baby Sydney playing poker. Where was Allie? I think maybe she was sick? That girl is definitely going to grow up bitter.
Ah..yes that poker night...I thought you were originally talking about the Lumily poker night. ;) If I'm not mistaken Allie was with her father then in HK then.....Sami should have stopped at the twins...seriously.....not that she REALLY remembers Syd that much either...there have been times where she's kissed Johnny good bye and left Syd there and she was in the same room with Johnny.....lol...frankly her only kid at this point should be Johnny...seems to be the only one she truly gives two flips about. I know it's mainly because the actors that play him are so good, but let's face it...there is no reason not to showcase her other children especially Allie, especially now that Allie's father is in town.
Only using Johnny because of the actors is obviously not true. Thanks to Parker for proving that.
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