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Feb 5 2013, 09:18 AM

For all of the talk about how smart Nick is, he really wasn't very smart when he was talking to Marlena in this episode. It's generally not a good idea to tell a grandmother that you're looking forward to "starting a family" with her grandson's daughter, especially when that grandmother is also a psychiatrist. Marlena saw right through Nick.

I've been saying it's NOT NORMAL to be so fixated on this "perfect life" that Nick is SO soon after getting out of prison. Marlena saw it. She knows that transitioning from prison life to normal life should be a difficult prospect for anyone. It's not like flipping a switch. And Nick acting like life is hunky dory and trying to go warp speed on this whole marriage, kids and picket fence scenario mere months of a prison release is extremely abnormal. And he's so desperate for this perfect life he's willing to basically steal another man's child to create it. He clearly has issues he's not dealing with and falling right back into old patterns.
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