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TFP. So "more to do" could refer to more police work or investigating, not necessarily a romantic matchup. But, of course, that will mean more Rafe, too. <<smh>>

I guess I don't understand why this show has to always pair people off. They say they're against supercouples, but yet they insist on shallow, forced couplings instead. Why is that so much better? It isn't.

Why not have a story where Hope and Kayla go on an adventure? They could work on a mystery that has medical dimensions. Or maybe they could look for Bo. Along the way, they could confront bad guys. They could consult with the likes of John, Roman, and Abe. They could meet interesting guys/people. But it wouldn't have to always lurch toward an insta-so-called-romance. If a romance does develop along the way, okay. But to sit at a desk and match characters up like paper dolls, then write a thin story that forces them together is so NOT the right way to go.

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