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Feb 5 2013, 11:16 AM
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Feb 4 2013, 01:18 PM
The entirety of this show's music department needs to be fired. The background music has sucked for the better part of a decade or more and that song playing during the EJ/Sami sex scene was... just.... NO. smdh
That 99 cent doctor's office lite FM cheese was a total buzzkilll, not that I could see what was happening anyway. What on Earth possessed Days to save on the light bill for the one scene many fans had been waiting to actually SEE for the better part of nearly 7 years? Insane.
They decided to make a compromise for fans. They did the scene for the fans who wanted it and they made it near impossible to see to keep the fans who didn't want to see it from going blind.
Lol....frankly that could be it...but I somehow think they'll be doing it like rabbits the next couple of weeks....so we are bound to see something with some lighting in the room, just hope that woman is on the pill....
Ahaha! True. But over the years, my eyes have endured some pretty nasty ugly bumping on this show that I will never be able to unsee. This was a rare time that I actually wanted to see some sexy time and damn if they didn't make it feel like the audience was a bunch of peeping toms looking through the window curtains in the dark. Sigh....

Moving on.....tell me more about this "doing it like rabbits" part. :laugh:
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