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Feb 5 2013, 11:48 AM
Feb 5 2013, 11:37 AM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepAbsolutBex: @HotMessMandy ASDRFGYUHKJMNJHGYBVDERS KATE????????????? What happened to Hope?
HotMessMandy: @AbsolutBex I think they are saving that gem for later.
it's still not necessarily definitive. she could still be speculating.
For some reason she and some others seem to get accurate info months ahead of time so I am buying that it is true....sadly.
ITA. I didn't believe the source people at first, as I thought that some of their commentary was more their personal specs but not anymore. In Sept. they were telling Ejami fans to hang in there, that this stuff with Safe would pass, they called it closure and I didn't believe Ryan and Mandy back then...I thought Tomlin is back in a writing capacity now and all of a sudden Safe is a potential go again..then the flashbacks of Safe started and Ryan/Mandy kept on saying...wait and they kept on reassuring that it was going back to Ejami for real. Well, we see that now they were right. They were the first to report in NOVEMBER, that there would be two people that hooked up and it was totally two people you wouldn't expect...now we get confirmation 3 months later that it's Rafe/Kate. Ryan said in a chat not too long ago, that he think a the new woman coming on board (the PT) might be for Lucas.....that is still to be seen but as i understand it, she hasn't even started filming yet...that was more his speculation, or his desire for story rather than a spoiler...but we'll need to see in a month or two to see if it was really just his wishful thinking or if it was something more.

As of now....with the Rope stuff...I think I'm going to take it as a far out spoiler.....frankly their track record at this point is pretty good. They obviously have a source in there somewhere.....
Agreed. They may not know details on timing (especially since stories are always shifting around), but their general direction stuff seems to be pretty accurate. Really hoping that their spec about the new girl being for Lucas is accurate.
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