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Feb 5 2013, 02:48 PM
Feb 5 2013, 11:24 AM
Feb 2 2013, 10:48 PM
Oh that's easy. The schmoopiest proposal ever:

It's a thousand kinds of velveeta and I love every minute of it.
Yes, I'm quoting myself, what of it?

I get that everybody has their favorite couples and there have been some wonderful moments posted. But, honestly, how can you not watch this and see that it is the schmoopiest, cheesiest, most OTT proposal ever? He's singing and SIGNING the song. She's DEAF and MUTE. He's crying (granted, that's not unusual for Steve, he's a bit of a sap).

Come on, people. Show some objectivity here. My boy wins hands down. ;) :D
It is certainly schmoop. And good schmoop. Schmoop is so often crap, but this is good schmoop. I mean, it's OTT, and I don't care, because these two deserved some OTT.
Yes they did. I said this on Twitter, but I'll repeat it here. This scene encapsulates everything that I have ever loved and hated about soaps.

He's proposing in sign because she is deaf and mute due to an attack by her father in law, a Senator/presidential candidate turned serial killer. The proposal is coming now because her husband, his long-lost and recently revealed brother, has finally granted her a divorce after delaying the process despite the fact that he raped her after finding out she was having an affiar with the guy now proposing. Not to mention that the guy proposing had spent the better part of the last 18 months running from the woman he is proposing to for various reasons related to his thug past, his abusive/abandoned childhood, and his desire to save said long-lost and recently revealed brother.

It sounds fairly ridiculous when written out, yet it was one of the best (IMO) storylines the show ever did. And, it continued in various forms for another 2+ years. That is everything great about soaps.

The OTT cheesiness and schmoopiness is everything that ever caused me to roll my eyes at a soap opera. But when coming at the culimination of all of the above, it also made me bawl. And that's what makes it great.
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