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Viewing Single Post From: DR wants to know...
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Feb 2 2013, 11:34 PM
Last one, I swear.

I was young when this was going on and watched it in secret, lol.

Kate and Nick - in her office.

Kate is a MILF and Nick was sex on a stick.

Holy crap! How did I miss this?
When you said Nick, I thought you meant Nick Fallon and watched it because I knew Nick and Kate never did it...Nick and Billie did and it wasn't all that hot.
I didn't know you meant Nicholas! LOL!

Man, Kate needs her office back. That woman knew how to turn it on with the guys...especially the young ones.
When she pulled off his towel, I didn't know what she was going to do! Holy hell!! LMAO!

They should have a HOT catagory and a romantic catagory. Because this should be in the hot catagory...along with Dan and Chloe. That was almost porn too.
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