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Harlee Kin
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To me, this story is going NO WHERE. I question the time and energy they are investing. Please, do not try and make EJ and Sami the new Jack and Jennifer. We already had the super sleuthing couple and they killed off Jack and I will never buy EJAMI in that role of the do-gooders. Plus, Sami will look like a controlling biatch butting into Will's life and not a person helping a father in need. It will also further the buffoonery that is now EJ Lapdog Dimera. Helping the kid that shot him to please Sami? Oh EJ, EJ EJ EJ, Sami is not worth it, she will dump you faster than you can drive your race cars.

Yes, Lucas went to prison for Will la dee dah. We have already exhausted this topic on how futile this would be in court so neither EJ nor Sami nor anyone else would have to go to dramatic lengths to thwart this doomed plan by Nick. Nick be happy someone employed you and go to work to help Gabu have a nice home for baby Wabi. Don't waste the viewers time with this.
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