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What's coming up next for Chloe?
Where are we? Chloe's so well-intentioned, but she does keep digging herself deeper and deeper. She has the best intentions, of course. I think she makes really impulsive decisions, obviously out of love. I think she's starting to kind of lose sight of what's really important because she just has her eye on the prize, and the it's so important to her because she really wants to give her son the life she never had growing up. She didn't have a lot of stability, and she's willing to do anything to give that to him without really realizing the consequences of her actions.

What are the differences you see between Chloe now and Chloe before?
Well which Chloe before? When she was prostituting? That was pretty much Chloe's low point in life. I think that she's starting to get her confidence back and starting to not let other people bring her down or be so evilly influenced by the Kates and the Vivians in her life. She was so insecure and just a constant victim basically. I think this time around she's almost taking that a little too far. She's not going to let anyone mess with her. She's not going to let anyone get in the way. But I think the pendulum is almost swinging a little too far in the other direction.

Is there a Chloe you prefer?
I will say I like it when Chloe is strong and more independent. I've found this to be an interesting and fun story to play, but my preference is always going to be a nostalgic throwback to Ghoul Girl days. I loved Chloe then. I loved how smart and witty she was, and how she wouldn't put up with anyone's crap. Her sarcasm. I loved her family dynamic back then. The original Chloe I guess. But you know, just like normal people, Chloe evolves and changes for better or worse. It's always interesting to play something new, and not play the same thing over and over, so I will say there's never a lack of excitement.

What can you tell us about Patrika Darbo’s return?
I don't know. Well, I will say I was excited that they were bringing back somebody in Chloe's life, because I have felt like she's kind of been an island and just fighting these battles on her own. That was a little uncharacteristic of that family dynamic from the beginning. I love how she weaves perfectly in. I learned things I didn't even know. Nancy and Craig hated Mike Horton, Jennifer's brother. The family has kind of a personal vendetta against the Hortons, and Nancy doesn't like Jennifer or Mike Horton, and I actually didn't know that. It's always fun when they weave past Days with current Days and really bring the history back into the show. I really love that. And I love that Nancy is coming back to help Chloe. It kind of felt a little bit like the old days. And also Nancy has always been so good at scheming and plotting and that kind of stuff. And also, it's very real. Here's the mother who's going to come in and protect her child. She probably would have had she known what Chloe's circumstances were in the past. One thing that always kind of bothered me about the prostitution storyline was that I feel like Chloe's parents, if they had known anything would have helped her, but there was never really any reference to that. It's kind of explained as they never knew because she never told them, and now Nancy is like, "I'm going to help my baby girl in any way that she needs." That's kind of fun. We get to plot together now. It's the new generation of the Wesleys.

What’s it like for you juggling so many different fanbases?
Well, first and foremost it's super flattering. I actually enjoy hearing why everybody roots, and I get it. I understand why people are passionate. And I wouldn't say I have a favorite couple, but I have a favorite moment from each of the pairings, and I can really see why people feel a certain way. I get excited right along with them when I read something. "Oh wow, this is going to happen. This is really cool" or "Wow. This is really going to piss people off." Whatever it is. I have the same emotional ups and downs with everyone, and I think it's fun. And who knows? Never say never in a soap, but I don't think there's an end all and be all. I defintely have my favorite moments or even when I work with certain people I'll think "Aw, I miss these days" and I could see how it could really work, but I think it's works because we have different chemistries with each other. It's just a totally different chemistry and a different dynamic. There's not necessarily one that's better than the other.

Can you tell us what any of those favorite moments are?
I would say my favorite moments are all the sex scenes. I'm kind of kidding but not really. It's not a bad day at work to see them all naked. Or half naked. You know what I mean. No, I can't say specifically because it's been so many years. But there are moments where you work together and you can really see why someone would root for a couple just because of certain scenes that are really well-written.
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