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Sammie Jo
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Feb 5 2013, 01:47 AM
Mannnn What in the entire hell! YnR must be slow as dried dog doo-doo if a muthafuccin siggy of a blogger is an issue beside A89 always has listing of fav shows etc in they signature. (So The Fuck What it ain't got One damn thang to do with Y&R twitter). Last I checked Ellie & others instructed us to do away with "GIFS Sigs" because it slowed the board down Right?: So if a Sig ain't honking the board down then how about one just leave the others be to their own style of signature preferences.

Hell I wanted to read some interesting tweets and come here and see some weak mess about a dang-on simple siggy that belong to somebody else.. #FOHWTBS :hmmph:
well truthfully, I didn't understand it either and didn't know it was a siggy and since it was in huge red letters that you couldn't possibly miss, I thought it related to Y&R and it was there for us to read. :shrug:
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