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Viewing Single Post From: Tuesday, February 5th Daily Discussion
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Today was a good show. I'm going to just say it. It was better than yesterday, IMO.

I don't know why Caroline didn't call Rafe out on his utter doucheyness when he said if Will had used a condom they wouldn't be in this situation. Hello dumbass! There were two people there & girls can take care of that stuff too. Moron.

Ejami's afterglow was made of awesome. Everett's bed head was swoon worthy. Loved him arguing from under the covers.

PS. I swear Sami better not have another bun in the oven after them going at it like drunk monkeys. Not that I minded, mind you, but NO MORE BABIES!

PSS. What in the name of all that's holy was Sami wearing?

Loved Sami & Brady's hypocrisy & delusion.

Kristen isn't letting this marriage thing go. Do you really want to go there girl? Brady's fiancées have a tendency to die.

Nicks slow decent into crazy town keeps getting better. I'm actually invested in this story despite my disdain for Gabzilla.

I think today's episode should've been named "Beds of Our Lives".
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