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Feb 5 2013, 10:38 PM
Wonder why u would need flashbacks of will as a kid? Cant they use old clips?
Why are the writers going to all of this trouble instead of simply using old clips? Two reasons (disclaimer: technically, this is speculation -- especially the second reason -- but it's also probably accurate):

1. Because they can. The executives at Days know that they've hit the jackpot with Chandler Massey. He is Will Horton -- all of the other actors are just bad memories. Conveniently, Chandler has a younger brother (two, actually). The writers want to tell a story that revolves around something that happened when Will was younger. It's a perfect opportunity to recreate the scene, instead of simply using an old scene that features the actor who was really playing Will at that time, and it further solidifies Chandler as the quintessential Will Horton (since the younger version of Will will now resemble Chandler). It will probably also considerably raise the caliber of the acting in that scene, if Chandler's amazing acting talents run in the family.

A less drastic example of this that also occurs from time to time involves filling photo albums with actual photographs from an actor's childhood -- school photographs, photographs of the actor as a baby, etc., that were obtained from the actor or the actor's parents and permitted to be used to create the illusion that the character has always looked a certain way.

2. More importantly, because they want to show us something that didn't occur in the original scene, which was filmed at a time when the writers did not want the audience to know for certain that Will was the person who had shot E.J. Because of that, we never saw any confirmation that Will was the shooter. We never saw how Lucas learned this information. We never saw any scenes where Lucas told Will to keep his mouth shut, assured him that everything was going to be all right, etc.

When the writers finally decided to pin the crime on Will last year, it was a retcon -- it was a retcon that wasn't completely ridiculous, since some viewers had theorized that Will was the real shooter back when the storyline had originally aired, but it was a retcon nevertheless (and as we all know, soap fans throw out tons of random theories every day, so the fact that some people theorized that Will was the real shooter years ago doesn't necessarily prove that this was the direction that the storyline was originally intended to go in) -- but now that the die has been cast, they're free to go back and film new scenes to support that retcon. That's what they'd do if it were a retcon that involved characters who still look the same as they did back then, anyway...but in this case, that won't work. That's where Christian comes into play.
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