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So it should come to no surprise that I think Camille was totally out of line this week. :lol:

Everything was going fine until she threw Adrienne's name in there. And for what purpose? Like it wasn't going to start an argument? And then to call Brandi a liar in one breath and then confirm what she said was true in another when no one was around was very shady. Very season 1 Camille.

And again with the bachellorette party?! I'm sick of this, like I'm sick of surrogates. Pandora should be able to chose where she has her bachelorette party, it is after all something she'll (hopefully) only have once in her life! She's not a housewife, she doesn't hold a diamond, she doesn't chill with Adrienne Maloof, she can do what she wants. Period!

Was the 2% comment bitchy? Yeah. Mean? Eeeh, if it's insulting I'll gladly take it. "How horrible for you to own 2% of a massively successful casino resort!" I again don't get where Camille was coming from by throwing implications about Sur, there's a spinoff that clearly shows she has a business partner. Not a secret. Even if you try to factor in that there was some time difference between shooting the two shows by this point it was known there were going to be cameras in there, were they going to hide Guillermo in a closet?

Gotta love the many faces of Kyle though. And the apparently irresistable twat of Adrienne Maloof that everyone is so afraid to cross.
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