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First and foremost I will say that I'm proud of my girl Sharon. She still has ways to go in her recovery but she's doing a great job in being there for Noah and Faith and repairing her relationship with Nick. She's almost back to her old self. IDK why every move Sharon makes is over analyzed she's human not a perfect machine.

Love the Baldwin storyline all actors involved are bringing their A game. I like Jamie but think he's only saying Fen pushed him because he's angry. Fen has made his life hell and has verbally assaulted him when Jamie hasn't done anything to Fen. Lauren needs to open her eyes, Fen is no angel and I can understand a mother wanting to protect her child but come on Lauren, Fen's attitude and actions should speak volumes.

I'm also not feeling Avery & Dylan, their flashbacks look forced and it would help if I liked Avery but I don't, writers trying too hard to make her perfect and making her a leading lady :puke: I rolled my eyes when Vic asked her if she was ever wrong in her instincts and she said no. OK what about Daisy...dumbass.

Dylan is not making himself look any better, did he expect Avery to just sit there and wait for him when he made her believe he was dead. He comes to GC seeking her out only because he seen a photo of her in the newspaper with Nick, goes to the club looking for a job so he can get close to her. It sounds like stalker behavior to me, don't believe the love at all, wasn't Avery cheating on her husband with Dylan or something like that. You don't get love from an affair ask Phyllis.

Tired of the Chelsea propping it looks like writers are pushing leading ladies Phyllis & Sharon off to the side for this tired rapist. First Victoria was made to look like the bad guy, then Sharon was injected into her life to make Sharon look bad and Chelsea the victim again, Adam sitting their propping her throughout their marriage and now Adam is in the wrong and he forked over money when Chelsea said she doesn't need anything from Adam. Now Cane is propping her ass and acting all flirty and stupid, I hope Lily dumps his ass she's way too good for him let him have the rapist.

Don't want Lily with that arrogant blowhard Tyler either. I would be for the two of them if Tyler didn't come off like a stalker.

Phyllis free episodes :rockon: :cheer: :popcorn: :cart: :chee:

I'm so happy that Christine is going after Phyllis with the civil lawsuit, make her ass go bankrupt.
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