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A one night stand for Rafe & Kate, as bad as that is, is almost tolerable given their sadness and drunken state..... but a full blown romance for Rafe and Hope is just totally ridiculous and outrageous. Bo and Hope have had so much history together, good and bad, but have always remained a solid entity of Days... if this rumor or spoiler comes to pass, we can honestly say these writers and even Ken Corday himself, have sold out this story of respect for family and history in a cheap swap for increased ratings. I realize you have to write shocking and insane storylines to make it exciting and draw in the curious, but for pity's sake, leave something of value to be anchored to... go ahead and write the wild and inane, but balance it with good and sentiment..... current writers and those before them have slowly and deliberately destroyed each character...we no longer know who these characters are and the words they speak would never have been uttered by them. It's as if the Body Snatchers invaded and turned the population of Salem into pod people! Those of us who have watched Days for many, many years, and have endured endless senarios of infidelity, hidden paternity, etc., could always count on the fact that your character remained true....now, you never know who's going to show up in that body when their mouths open to spit out their lines.........
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