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Feb 6 2013, 06:50 AM
Feb 6 2013, 01:06 AM
Feb 6 2013, 12:40 AM
Love how Rafe blamed Will for not using protection. Hello Gabby could have used protection as well. Plus not all birth control is 100%
I didn't take it that way - that he was BLAMING Will necessarily. Seemed more like a comment spurred by an impulse to play on the word "protection" Caroline mentioned (in re Sami's lunacy). Like, she threw out the punny bait, and he took it. He was in a gruff mood - that his scenes were so Sami Sami Sami Sami was annoying. Seemed like overkill. So in a gruff mood he made a curmudgeonly comment that I don't think he meant all that seriously. But I don't think he blames Will. Both Will and Gabi share as much accountability or culpability or whatever you want to call it for the decisions they made the night (or afternoon? I can't remember) they slept together. So yeah, Will could have used protection (did he? I don't think that was shown or necessarily not shown). But it seems that Rafe softened to Will once he cooled down and spoke with Will, in scenes which I loved, where he could see how much Will cared about this baby. We will see what happens once/if Nick gets his claws into Rafe, but for now I don't think Rafe holds any real negative feelings towards Will. Maybe towards the situation in general to some extent, and definitely towards Sami. But then again so do I.
But he made this comment after the chat. Besides he made it seem like it was the guys responsibility/
Yes - I know it was after. I realize yesterday was yesterday and last week was last week. But that chat is still informing my opinion, and a quick little spur-of-the-moment-I-am-in-a-gruff-mood comment, doesn't undo it or take precedence over it. My opinion anyway.
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