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I'm bored with Beverly Hills.

I've been a pretty staunch Brandi defender, but at this point she should have started keeping her mouth shut. I get what she was saying about the 2%, and I don't think it's mean (or that much of a secret, really), but...c'mon. She should know that anything she says will be blown up into some huge OMG moment, and she should stop saying it if it's really causing her problems in her regular off-camera life.

I'm ready for new drama. Though I heard that on Andy's show Kyle said the surrogate thing isn't the full secret (which- way to keep that alive, Kyle), so maybe there's another layer...they need to get to quickly.

I did appreciate their conversation about Kim and the doctor, because my first thought was that she was getting work done to get pills.

If Kenya on ATL weren't so Gone with the Wind fabulous maybe I'd have a different interpretation of BH. But she is. BH needs one of her.
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