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This pairing is still WTH ridiculous stupidity for me.

As far as going through with it, I think they best way to play it would be - Rafe slinging back the drinks when we see a pair of legs approach him. He looks at the woman we can't see and say's, 'You look like you could use a drink.' He signals to the bartender to keep 'em coming. The next scene is the morning after. Rafe wakes up tangled in the sheets in a hotel and we hear the shower running. He grabs his head, looks around, spots a bra on the floor. Picks it up and say's out loud, "Who the hell did I sleep with last night?" Cue Kate coming out of bathroom in a towel. Wha bam! They give the audience the shock they are going for and we can be spared any forced intimacy.
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