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NE Spoilers wk 2/18

Michael tries to make amends with Lauren

A new man charms Abby

Cane and Lily make up on their anniversary

Shocking news interrupts Nick and Avery's romantic evening

Cane pushes Chelsea to work through her issues with Adam

Congressman Wheeler tries to sway Victor

Noah doubts Dylan's motives

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Daily Spoilers week of Feb. 18th

2/18, Abby is charmed by a new man; Michael tries to make things right with Lauren.

2/19, Cane and Lily celebrate their anniversary; Avery and Nick's evening of romance is derailed by shocking news.

2/20, Cane wants Chelsea to make peace with Adam; Victor is manipulated.

2/21, Dylan's motives are questioned; Jill and Kevin are startled by Katherine's choices.

2/22, Michael is stunned by Lauren's announcement; Billy recommits to Victoria.

TV Guide Previews

2/18, A new man charms Abby, while Michael struggles to make amends with Lauren.

2/19, Lily and Cane celebrate their anniversary, while shocking news derails Nick and Avery's romantic evening.

2/20, Cane encourages Chelsea to reconcile with Adam, while Congressman Wheeler manipulates Victor.

2/21, Noah questions Dylan's motives, while Katherine's choices alarm Kevin and Jill.

2/22, Lauren's announcement stuns Michael, while Billy reaffirms his commitment to Victoria.

Episode Titles and Previews

(Charming Abby)
2/18, A new man sweeps Abby off her feet; Michael struggles to make things right with Lauren.(CC) (Stereo)

(Cane and Lily Celebrate)
2/19, Cane and Lily enjoy their anniversary; Nick and Avery's romantic evening is halted by shocking news.(CC) (Stereo)

(Manipulating Victor)
2/20, Cane encourages Chelsea to forgive Adam; Congressman Wheeler manipulates Victor.(CC) (Stereo)

( Noah Questions Dylan)
2/21, Noah questions Dylan's intentions; Katherine's decisions cause Kevin and Jill some concern.(CC) (Stereo)

(Lauren's Annoucement)
2/22, Lauren makes a shocking announcement; Billy reaffirms his loyalty to Victoria.(CC) (Stereo)
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