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I don't know why they've taken this angle with Abby's virginity either. It's sad to recall how sure Jennifer was at that age that she was waiting for the right guy. She didn't make a big deal about it, but at least she owned it and wasn't ashamed of the fact that she was a virgin. If we got more from Abby as to why she feels this way, that would at least be something. But the show presents it as a given that she should be embarassed. Not a good angle, imo.

As for the current triangle, it's just not interesting. Again, there's just no comparison to Jennifer's entertaining antics with Jack and Emilio that ranged from humorous to adventurous to intense to heart-wrenching. I realize standards of character and story are lower now, but couldn't we get anything close to resembling a real emotion in this thing? Not only do I not see Abby showing much interest in either Chad or Cameron, they're not exactly falling all over themselves for her either. It's just a whole lotta bland.

And they're missing such an opportunity to include Jennifer more in Abby's story. But when they're together, alas, it's all about Daniel, as usual.

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