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HBD-Nesta Robert Marley,February 6, 1945 BitchesBrew

Feb 6 2013, 12:54 AM
Feb 5 2013, 09:11 PM

Melissa is really promoting Greg R. She makes it a point to mention how great he is in a lot of her tweets. I love EB too telling his stalker to Fuck off. He doesn't stutter when he says it. The stalker will not leave him alone. She gets blocked and comes back with a new name and avatar every time. He is really pissed about it.

Why Missy all of sudden wanna promo for GR?..Gugh!I need her to stop that won't do her any favors either hell her character got two fanbases calling for her demise and creaming for her job to end.

That demented Freak-Ho blows man I wish the police get that one, always starts shit w/EB He's the ultimate sweetheart on twitter minding his business tweeting about sports and here come this fucwad.

Feb 6 2013, 08:18 PM
Do you think GR might get the boot and his coworkers are trying to save him?
GR was getting into a lot of fights on Twitter with Y&R Fans.

U know this was my first thought are they ready to be done w/ writing for Kevin Fisher and is it me or does it seem like JG and crew more interested in writing for (EH) Kate than him? I'm not big on Detective Fuzz but she sure did gleam across from him.
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