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Feb 6 2013, 09:29 PM
Feb 6 2013, 02:03 PM
Now Sami wants a paternity test. Great.

I keep telling myself that all of this meddling is going on in order to spice up the baby story, but I think WilSon's drama and Nick's machinations should make it spicy enough. Sami's profoundly unhelpful and often downright revolting behavior is not essential. I get that we need to have some kind of history-coming-full-circle element, wherein Sami is the Kate of this story, but she just can't pull it off in the same way. It needs to be toned down at least a little bit, while still keeping her involved. But I guess they need to keep her front-and-center somehow. Now that EJami have no apparent obstacles that's obviously not good enough.
I think Sami is suggesting the paternity test in case Nick and Gabby decide later on to say Will is not the daddy and that it is Andrew (who is dead) and this way Will has proof that he really is the daddy(if he indeed is). Just so Nick (or Cameron) doesn't "fix" the test results!
Could be, this is Sami, or in a lot of states being married to the mother gives a man presumptive paternity rights. A DNA test would make it so they wouldn't have to remove those rights from Nick if he married Gabi, since Will would be on record as the father. (This apparently is affecting Kim Kardashian in real life, since she's knocked up with Kayne's baby and is still legally married to that other wedding prop guy.) There's also the fact that Will has taken Gabi at her word. I don't think there's any doubt Gabi is telling the truth, but Sami wouldn't know that.

In any case, it's a good idea, but Will is back to passive insecurity again. I really like it better when Will has backbone, though I do recognize that it's part of his character to be passive than have a burst of strength.
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